Tuesday night was a major night for occupants as Commissioners John Sweet and Melissa Cribbins acquired new terms in office. In any case, the large champ of the night was a first-time applicant as Julie Brecke drifted to triumph in the race for area representative.

Every one of the three competitors contended in three-man races, yet figured out how to get more than the required half of the votes to stay away from a second political decision in November.


















In the Position 2 race, John Sweet procured another term subsequent to getting 5,101 votes, or 55.86%. Pam Lewis set second with 3,210 votes, or 35.15%, and Cristina Bettesworth was third with 789 votes, or 8.64%.

In the Position 3 race, Melissa Cribbins additionally acquired another term in office, gathering 5,004 votes or 53.62% of the absolute cast. Pole Taylor set second with 3,459 votes, or 37.06%, while Chase Carlson gathered 835 votes, or 8.95%.

During the race, Cribbins and Sweet battled together, saying holding the current board together. Lewis and Taylor likewise battled together, calling for more prominent neighborhood control.

The genuine special case of the night was the race for area agent, with three newbies running for the open seat. In any case, the electors went to Brecke on a large scale, giving the North Bend educator 5.123 votes, or 59.7%.

Diane Rich, who battled with Taylor and Lewis, was second with 2,341 votes, or 27.28%, and Matthew Borgens was third with 1,087 votes, or 12.67%.




In the wake of getting the success, Brecke said she was sure heading into her most memorable final voting day.

“I had a very positive sentiment,” she said Tuesday night. “I’m really content with the numbers up until this point.”

In the wake of securing the triumph in the essential, Brecke said she partook in her most memorable mission.

“I appreciated simply getting to know individuals locally,” she said. “I feel like I know a many individuals since I was brought up here and have been an instructor. Yet, I met much more.”

Brecke said she has a very decent comprehension of what the representative’s work involves, however she is anxious to learn more prior to getting down to business in January.

“That is my most memorable goal, to get in there and gain tons of useful knowledge,” she said. “I will arrive and draw from all the experience from agents across the state.”

Be that as it may, up to that point, she will get back to the study hall.

“I will continue to instruct as long as I can,” she said.

Eventual outcomes won’t be referred to for seven days as state regulation permits polling forms sent by today to be counted as long as seven days after the political decision.

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