NEW BEDFORD, MA (WLNE) – The concept of offshore wind energy is being turned into reality everywhere we look here in the Northeast. The eventual goal is to power millions of homes and businesses through wind see better animal welfare and transparency in livestock farming. In recent years, agriculture has increasingly tried to be more open, for example through farm tours. Even though farm tours

Which brings us to jobs. There will be a number of them opening up for various positions. But what if you’ve never been hundreds of feet up in the air working on a turbine? Or maybe you’ve never been out on the ocean? Well, a new company is aiming to help with it through virtual reality.

“We’ve really captured the excitement of working in this field. A lot of students at the top of the turbine , looking 500 feet down. They can really feel that height,” said Vinci VR CEO, Eagle Wu.

Vinci VR has been testing their new product at various sites, including local schools. Chairman of the Massachusetts Congressional Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy, Rep. Jeffrey Roy is helping to create exposure to this unique tool of training.

“What we’re trying to do is trying to introduce people at a young age to what opportunities are out there in off shore wind,” Rep. Roy told ABC 6.

As for local offshore wind companies, they love the concept too.

“I think this technology can be really helpful for us,” Jennifer Cullen says. Cullen is in charge of Workforce and Supply Chain Development for Vineyard Wind. “Getting people in the training pipeline as soon as possible is going to be key to make sure we’re delivering on the jobs promises.”

Next up for Vinci VR, Wu says will be expanding the software to including all parts of the development of these wind farms. As for the farms themselves, you can expect to see construction of the projects to start popping up in the next year. The Biden

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